Our Weekend Market

This Week's Local Produce:​

  (Updated June 15th)

  • Green & Red Kale Bunches

  • Red Beets

  • Zephyr Squash

  • Pickling Cucumbers

  • Asian Cucumbers

  • Flower Bouquets

Why Local?

Join the local food movement.

Locally grown food is not only supporting your local agriculture, but is more nutritious, tastier, and leaves a smaller footprint on our environment.

Know Your Farmer!

Our farming practices with you in mind. 

We practice minimal tillage, reducing soil disturbance to keep soil layers intact and use a heavy amount of compost to keep our produce healthy and nutritious. In addition, we do not use chemical sprays, herbicides or pesticides.


2596 Geer Hwy

Marietta, SC 29690


Tel: 864.907.6871