Roasted Turnips and Caramelized Brown Butter

Roasted Salad Turnips and Caramelized Scallions


If you are anything like me, growing up we just didn’t eat salad turnips. 
So what are you supposed to do with these? 
There’s the obvious salad choice. In fact, I came across a recipe where they were shaved into an arugula salad. 
But I’m not always in a salad eating mood. Especially when it’s cold outside. 
So, I’ve been experimenting with roasting them! 
Here, I have documented how I roasted these over the weekend. 
Click on the image to the left, for a downloadable PDF. 
About the Recipe
If you’d like to substitute the butter or lard, choose an oil with a high smoking point. 
I did research on oils about 8 years ago, and oils will change their molecular structure once they hit their heat tolerance (smoking point) and can be harmful for health. 
If you prefer something like olive oil instead, you could adapt this recipe by using lower heat. Just account that it will take longer.
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