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 Harding and we’re

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“ I love knowing that my food has just been harvested! No long travel, no long storage, no depletion of the good stuff! The difference in taste from grocery store produce is night and day. "

- Kimberlee

Are you struggling with trying to get your kids to eat dull or bitter vegetables? Are you bummed out when that bag of salad you got from the store went bad 3 days after you bought it?

So were we. And that’s a big part of what prompted us to start the farm!

With three growing boys in tow, we wanted our kids to enjoy vegetables and make it part of their everyday eating.
Folks love how long our salads last in the fridge and how some veggies never even make it out of the car before the kids gobble them up.
Out of a passion of sharing beauty and joy with the world, Rachel pushed for a couple rows of cut flowers our first year.

After seeing a postivie response, cut flowers quickly became a big part of our growing space.

Whether you’re celebrating a friend’s birthday, or the fact that you actually got the laundry done this week, we’ve got flowers to brighten your day.

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